Why attend a Gathering

“A Gathering to me is a fun, energizing learning experience with people who are as excited about Person Centered Practices as I am!”

– Ed Lawson, PCT Certified Trainer

“For me, a Person Centered Gathering is an opportunity to get together with fellow practitioners of person centered practices and share our learning, experiences, new ideas, successes and failures. It’s the chance to learn new ways of using PCT skills to help people have better lives. I love being able to network with others who are using person centered practices to not only improve the lives of people with disabilities but to help us all learn better ways of valuing and supporting each other, disability or not.”

– Lori Hauge, PCT Certified Trainer, PCT Certified Mentor Trainer, and TLCPCP Board Member.

“Gatherings are a great opportunity for me to learn, share, and connect with others who are passionate about helping people have the life they choose. You will walk away with your bucket overflowing with ideas, knowledge, and friends.”

– Jenifer Randle, PCT Certified Trainer

Check out our photos from the Oklahoma Gathering.

Graphic meeting map reads First Oklahoma Gathering. Connect, Learn, Share. Hear it.  Meeting Roles: Greeters - Sam. Time Keepers - Amber, Kelly. Photographers: Camie, Jeryldine, Wendy.   Send photos to oklcpcp@gmail.com and use the  hashtag #OKGathering. Graphic Recorders: Josh, Jen.
The 1st Oklahoma Gathering Meeting Map, April 2019

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